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Take a tip, skip the queue

Have you ever found yourself waiting in a queue at a bank or post office, twiddling your thumbs, desperately wishing that you could be using the time to pick up some groceries, the dry cleaning or to simply grab a coffee instead?

Now you can, with qtip.me! Use your mobile phone to secure your place in the queue. Utilize your waiting time exactly as you want to and show up right when it’s your turn to be served.

qtip.me is a simple, smart and a green way to queue at various public offices and to any place which supports a queue. The idea behind it is to allow end-users be a part of the queue using their mobile phones and hence, utilize their waiting time however they want to. With flexibility in the ways a persons waiting time can be utilized, it increases customer satisfaction.

Checkout the video about QtipMe to get an idea of the product. More details can be seen here