2020 December

Introducing our brand ambassador – Qtip Mew

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Qtip Mew
(Thank you, Jere Hasunen for this wonderful picture. To view more of Jere’s artworks, please visit his Instagram)

This is an important announcement. Yes. It really is. Early this year, all of our team started to work remote due to the pandemic and this caused us to work without any quality support from a teammate sitting next to us. There were very less coffee breaks or kitchen table conversations and suddenly, it was a bit difficult to clearly distinguish between the work-life and personal-life at home.

It was this time, when Qtip Mew offered to our team, her pawsistance in handling things that were otherwise not anymore a part of this “new normal”. She kept our team under her spurrvision for two days and after that, decided to extend her suppawrt for an improved well being of the whole company. She is really fond of our product Qtip.Me and will also be representing our company as our Official Brand Ampawssador.

Her activities will include, but not limited to:

=> Cheering the team during every Google Hangout
=> Enlighten the marketing team with creative ideas
=> Teaching the developers how to find bugs in and around the code
=> Occasionally, showing up in our social media

We’ve agreed to give her quality service and pay her in sustainable quantity of Q-tips. We believe that its a match made in heaven – and hope that she will agree to that. Hopefully soon.

Cats looking for bugs around the code. Picture courtesy: 9GAG
Cats and Q-tips. Picture courtesy: 9GAG

PS: This post was edited to fix the spelling mistakes.

Mobile ticket solution – our story, part 02

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Taking into account the time customers spend in queuing and the technologies available to improve the customer journey, our team thought of developing an easy to use mobile application which could solve this problem and help customers save their valuable time.

After much brainstorming and wishful thinking, we created Qtip.Me – a mobile-first queuing system that mainly focuses on eliminating physical lines and crowded waiting areas and giving the queuers freedom to utilize their waiting time however they want to.

A landscape image with a white background and a dark blue footer. The image shows information about Qtip.Me app as a mobile ticket solution using graphics. The image tells about how a mobile ticket is easily accessible and lets queuers use it to experience hassle-free customer service. The image also contains the logo, app availability, and social media information of the Qtip.Me and Jonoon.fi app
Qtip.Me – A mobile ticket solution

Qtip.Me comes in-built with a remote ticketing feature, which allows the queuers to see the real-time queuing information for a queue, join that queue from their current location, using their own device and receiving updates related to their place in the queue.

It is easily accessible via a mobile and a browser app and also supports walk-in kiosks for businesses where it is necessary. The real-time notification system gives queuers instant alerts and updates about their current place in the queue, the current serving ticket, queue’s status, and tentative time before it’s their turn for receiving customer service, etc.

Qtip.Me gives queuers freedom to use their waiting time as per their wish.

This system is a sustainable solution for customer service and management. It makes the user’s journey easier, convenient, and effortless. Also, it prevents the use of paper tickets which helps in reducing carbon emission and promoting safe environmental work practices.

Stay tuned for more updates related to our product and a wonderful journey that our team has lived so far!