A new milestone reached …

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At Codemenders Oy, we offer two flavors of One is the standard “Software as a service” flavor (for anyone to register and start using at and other, the enterprise or corporate flavor (focusing more towards the on-premises needs of our corporate customers). It was a pleasant surprise to note that we’ve served more than a hundred thousand customers on the “Software as a service” flavor of We decided to shout about it in our holiday greetings this year. While we knew this was coming, we were just not sure that Santa will bring this gift for us so early.

Happy to announce that handled its 100,000th customer (consumer) on December 18th, 2017 and we are still counting. No wonder, the holiday season also brings in a lot more queues for our customers and we are happy to be a part of their efforts to make their customers happier!

Thank you!


Please note, the impact report (related to Customer Waiting Times and Staff productivity) are in comparison to similar numbers from 2015-2016 timeframe.

New Factory Open – 2013

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Protomo is a great place for start-ups. The environment and coaching it provides helps everyone to nourish, develop their ideas to valid business plans and success stories. We are very proud to be a part of Protomo, Tampere.

We are also participating in New Factory Open – 2013. Visit our booth to see a live demo of and see how a simple idea can help you gain back your most important asset, TIME!


Start-Up of the Week

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In the last few weeks and months, our team has been working very hard to get the concept and pilot for ready. And the efforts have been honoured well by Protomo. We have been nominated as the “Start-Up of the Week” for Week 21. Hurray! Thanks to a great team!

More details: here