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Ensuring customer service continuity during challenging times

In one of our previous posts, What’s your new normal strategy, we talked about how the pandemic has completely changed the way we look at the world and how it has affected almost every sector – schools, hospitals, tourism, government etc.

In order to stop the spread of infections, governments across the world took various measures including a complete or partial lock-down, reduced operating hours for mandatory services and regulations related to maximum number of people within a business premises and even at family gatherings.

Social distancing sign for a shop.

Such local regulations have prevented businesses to take walk-in customers as they used to during normal operations. During such times, many of our Qtip.Me customers made a switch from normal queuing mode to appointment reservation mode. This helped them serve their customers by pre-reserved time slots, follow the local regulations, and ensure customer service continuity during the new normal. The graph below shows the actual number of customers served per month during 2019 and 2020 by one of our customers in UK.

Note that in April 2020, they did not take any customers due to a complete lock-down. During May 2020, they switched to an appointment only mode to follow the local regulations and were able to serve approx 8-10 customers a day, and later to both, normal queuing and appointment mode – peaking close to 50 customers a day or 1500+ customers during July 2020.

On a personal note, it motivates me and also our team that Qtip.Me comes in-built with tools that have played a key role in helping our customers serve theirs during these tough times. Not only we have helped our customers adapt to the new normal, as a queuing systems provider, we have also been able to support them with new features that have helped enforce social distancing in subtle, yet very effective ways.

We are also thankful to our customers for their trust and faith in our team and out 100% digital queue management system called Qtip.Me. Also, stay tuned for the new features that we have added in our product recently.

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