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Hello world, again.

Autumn in Finland

I would like to start this blog post with this beautiful picture of “Autumn in Finland”. Known as “ruska” in the local language, autumn in Finland is relatively long and exceptionally beautiful. Even though October and November are the darkest month of the whole year; the sunny days, the golden leaves and the calm-reflective-lake-surface make it an inspiring sight for all. In the forest, it feels like an explosion of colors when the reds, browns and yellows come together to inspire the innovative part in people.

It was exactly 8 autumns earlier, in 2012, when we gathered as a team and co-founded Codemenders Oy. There have been many ups-and-downs, cloudy days and dark nights since then but we have stayed together – looking positively at the bright colors of autumn and with a confidence that has boosted our morale from time to time.

As I write this blog post, first I would like to thank our co-founders, our team members, our mentors and our dear customers – for believing in us and for staying together since then. Next, I would like to take a can of positivity and spray it all around. In these challenging times of COVID, every one needs, in some way or the other, a positivity tan – so that next time when they are out mingling with family, friends and people, they can proudly say “hello world, again!“.

Stay tuned for more!

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