Mobile ticket solution – our story, part 02

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Taking into account the time customers spend in queuing and the technologies available to improve the customer journey, our team thought of developing an easy to use mobile application which could solve this problem and help customers save their valuable time.

After much brainstorming and wishful thinking, we created Qtip.Me – a mobile-first queuing system that mainly focuses on eliminating physical lines and crowded waiting areas and giving the queuers freedom to utilize their waiting time however they want to.

A landscape image with a white background and a dark blue footer. The image shows information about Qtip.Me app as a mobile ticket solution using graphics. The image tells about how a mobile ticket is easily accessible and lets queuers use it to experience hassle-free customer service. The image also contains the logo, app availability, and social media information of the Qtip.Me and app
Qtip.Me – A mobile ticket solution

Qtip.Me comes in-built with a remote ticketing feature, which allows the queuers to see the real-time queuing information for a queue, join that queue from their current location, using their own device and receiving updates related to their place in the queue.

It is easily accessible via a mobile and a browser app and also supports walk-in kiosks for businesses where it is necessary. The real-time notification system gives queuers instant alerts and updates about their current place in the queue, the current serving ticket, queue’s status, and tentative time before it’s their turn for receiving customer service, etc.

Qtip.Me gives queuers freedom to use their waiting time as per their wish.

This system is a sustainable solution for customer service and management. It makes the user’s journey easier, convenient, and effortless. Also, it prevents the use of paper tickets which helps in reducing carbon emission and promoting safe environmental work practices.

Stay tuned for more updates related to our product and a wonderful journey that our team has lived so far!

How it all started – our story, part 01

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Not so long ago, “two-soon-to-be” EX-Nokians were standing in a queue with about fifty people ahead of them and more than a hundred behind. Waiting endlessly for their turn, one of them got very hungry and the other one got his first parking ticket. Neither of them could abandon the queue and both kept wondering why there is no app for such a situation?

This happened in the autumn of 2012 – the same time when Nokia was ramping down its operations, primarily in Tampere – Finland and also worldwide. At that time, all our co-founders were working for Nokia’s MeeGo program in Tampere and were also a part of the ramp down. In other words, they were fired, together with 4000 others.

Those were interesting days. Not everyone had a work-obligation and we were all a part of Nokia Bridge Program – specially designed for exiting employees to help them secure their future. We used to have innovation camps where like minded people would come and discuss ideas and make teams to execute that idea.

We pitched our idea to our colleagues and very soon we had a team that started to discuss the nitty and the gritty details.

Hello world, again.

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Autumn in Finland

I would like to start this blog post with this beautiful picture of “Autumn in Finland”. Known as “ruska” in the local language, autumn in Finland is relatively long and exceptionally beautiful. Even though October and November are the darkest month of the whole year; the sunny days, the golden leaves and the calm-reflective-lake-surface make it an inspiring sight for all. In the forest, it feels like an explosion of colors when the reds, browns and yellows come together to inspire the innovative part in people.

It was exactly 8 autumns earlier, in 2012, when we gathered as a team and co-founded Codemenders Oy. There have been many ups-and-downs, cloudy days and dark nights since then but we have stayed together – looking positively at the bright colors of autumn and with a confidence that has boosted our morale from time to time.

As I write this blog post, first I would like to thank our co-founders, our team members, our mentors and our dear customers – for believing in us and for staying together since then. Next, I would like to take a can of positivity and spray it all around. In these challenging times of COVID, every one needs, in some way or the other, a positivity tan – so that next time when they are out mingling with family, friends and people, they can proudly say “hello world, again!“.

Stay tuned for more!

What’s your “new normal” strategy?

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COVID-19 has completely changed the way we look at the world.

It has changed how we use public transport, go to work, travel in general, do the grocery shopping or even interact with friends, neighbors and colleagues. Suddenly, the hand-shakes and bear-hugs have gone out of business and almost every one has created their own COVID-19 hello which involves zero or very minimal physical interaction. In addition to this a lot other stuff is showing up as the “new normal”.

For example and on a positive note, it feels liberating to work from home. Online work meetings feel a lot better with kids around us. The nature has found its own way of healing itself because of relatively lesser carbon emissions. People have started to pay more attention towards their health and hygiene. There is an increased number of concerned citizens across the globe who want to talk about the things that matter to us as a civilization.

On the other hand, it’s funny, painful and scary to find hand sanitizing stations every few meters in a super market. The regular offer announcements have been replaced with “Dear customer, please maintain a safety distance …. “. A majority of people have started wearing masks in the public places. And then, there are lot of industries that have taken a serious blow.

If you are an organization which deals with customers on a daily basis and on multiple channels including physical (face-to-face), your most important focus has to be on the human being who has been stuck within the four walls of their home, craving comfort, connection, interaction and a brand new customer service experience. Nobody imagined that COVID-19 would be one of the major factors that would drive digitization across the world – however, in such tough times, the organizations that take a positive step in adopting tools and technologies that help in reducing the spread and maintain high hygiene standards will build customer trust and engagement, eventually leading to brand loyalty and customer happiness.

A picture which asks about the strategy related to customer safety post covid19

What is your “new normal” strategy?

As a company that is dealing with optimization of queues for such face-to-face interactions, we would like to emphasize that in times like this, a Mobile Queuing system like Qtip.Me / is worth an investment. Why we think so, is a topic for another blog post and right now, we would like to focus on the innovations your organization has done to ensure business and customer service continuity.

Do let us know, how has your organization’s customer service interactions changed during these days? What’s the innovative thing your business did to ensure the safety of your customers? How are you ensuring the safety of your customers and your staff? Why is your “new normal” strategy?

Hello, join the queue in Finland!

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we hope the year 2020 has started off well for you all., kutsu asiakkaasi jonoon. A picture of a green mobile ticket with the number seven in blue on it.  Below are Facebook and Twitter handles that are jonoon_fi.

We at Codemenders Oy have news of our app being established in Finland, and in Finnish.

The website will be officially up this week, so feel free to spread the word to those places where you’d like to skip queuing by joining the queue online.

To visit our website for Finnish version of, visit, and to follow up our stories about our app and queueing, which is pretty much a national sport around here, go to our blog at 

Nähdään blogin puolella! Voit seurata meitä myös Facebookissa ja Twitterissä.

See you around!



Happy 100th birthday, Finland

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Happy birthday, Finland

​Hundred years ago, Finland took fate in its own hands and declared independence. Exactly 100 years later to that, they have set an example of an ideal society and in various fields. It is definitely a story of determination, democracy, equality and an astounding national success! We at Codemenders Oy are proud to join the 100 year celebration of the Finnish independence​ and would like to take this opportunity to wish all Finns and Friends of Finland, a very happy Independence Day!​ Happy birthday, Finland!​​