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What is qtip.me

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take a tip, skip the queue

As an end-user, in our day-to-day life, we spend lot of time waiting in queues for various simple services. All those times are spent waiting while they could have been used in many different ways. 

QTIP.ME is a cloud based service that allows you to spend your waiting time however you want to. Do you want pick some groceries or do some laundry while you are still a part of the queue at the local tax office? Or may be you would want to grab a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe? qtip.me gives you that independence. It allows you to be a part of the queue remotely, so that no physical presence is required to be a part of the queue.


You can:

  • See the “real time status” of the queues at all the nearby offices that use qtip.me
  • Take a remote ticket at the office of your choice
  • Relax! You will be notified of the queue’s progress

Based on the “tips” or notifications we provide you about the queue progress, you can decide when is the right time for you to visit the service point and get served without waiting aimlessly for too long.

So, what you need to do?

  • Download our application from leading app stores*
  • Find an office nearby and then, “take a tip, skip the queue”

Don’t worry if you don’t find any nearby offices! Feel free to recommend us to any offices near you! Or get in touch with us at qtip.me@codemenders.com with details of an office where you would like to see qtip.me and we will make that possible! Remember, qtip.me will always be free for you!


For service points, this means a huge amount of savings and happier customers! By using qtip.me, the service points can allow their customers to view the current status of any of queues available and be a part of it. Customers can enjoy the independence of doing whatever they want and they are not forced to wait at the boring waiting lounges. This immediately means reduction in the maintenance cost of the lounges.

Some of the benefits all the service points can enjoy by using qtip.me are:

  • Happier customers! Yes, your customers will feel privileged when they know that you value their time. 
  • Happier staff! With the ability to predict the customer flow and not so many people standing right on their face waiting to be served, this will improve the mental state of the staff! Happy staff will make customers happier!
  • Reduced infrastructure costs. To be able to make the waiting lounges support a large number of customers, there are many things that need to be taken care of. For example, drinking water, coffee, seating arrangements, air conditioning, WC etc. All these add to miscellaneous operating costs for an office. When your customers have this independence of queuing remotely, you definitely deserve an independence of more and more cost savings.
  • Instant customer feedback. qtip.me allows your customers to give an instant feedback to the services they obtained at your service point thus, allowing you to regularly improve your service. 
  • Predictive customer flowWith most of your customers visiting your office when its their turn, you can easily predict the customer flow and decide on how many service points you really want to operate. This way, your staff can be more productive.

And all of these benefits come at a charge as low as 0,95 € / day**!



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