How can we help?

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How can we help?

Tell us how we can help you and your organization?

Hello there.

We have been thinking here during the past one and a half weeks, how we could help. We have especially been thinking how our application could be used to prevent risks of spreading the virus and help implementing the guidelines, when big gatherings need to be avoided. Here are some thoughts from our remote meetups.

Our application can help with reducing the risk of a lot of people gathering to the same place, since there is no need to be physically present at the location before one’s own turn.
Since the application runs on people’s own devices, there is no need to touch common surfaces, such as ticket machines. Real-time information given through the app already before joining the queue makes it easier to plan a visit for example to a compulsory service. Customers are invited remotely through a control panel that runs in cloud, and with notifications they can be used to control the number of customers at the same place. Information and instructions can be added to descriptions, and are visible before joining the queue.

How we could help, then? We have been running a trial period for maximum of 90 days for some time and we would be happy to extend this trial for upto 180 days. It is possible to customize the service and integrate it to your existing services like websites, mobile apps etc.

Even though none of us thought it would be because of a state of emergency, it might be you or anyone you know, who might find Qtip.Me / useful and would be very interested in getting started. All you need Comment on this post below or reach us on Twitter / Facebook.

Twitter: @codemenders / @qtip_me / @jonoon_fi

Facebook: @codemenders / @qtipmeapp /

Finnish version of this post can be read at:

Corona Virus Update

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Image that describes precautions for corona virus

Corona Virus Update


Due to safety and health concerns for the well being of our team and their families, we’ve all decided to start working remotely. Since all our services are hosted in the cloud, we can ensure the business continuity and high quality of all our Qtip.Me and services. At the same time, this also means that there might be delays in responding to our Customer Support. In case of urgent matters, I recommend you to directly contact us on – +358 (0) 45 7874 0512 via Telegram, WhatsApp or Phone.
We thank you for your constant support. To keep yourself updated about this situation and how we decide to tackle it, we recommend you to follow our blog or our social media handles (, For urgent cases, please call and for everything, feel free to reach us via email – OR

Limited email support during Easter

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Cloud service update

Limited support during Easter holidays

Please note, our email support has limited service during Easter holidays. All support queries received during this time will be attended after the holidays. This means that our response time would be longer than expected. Don’t worry, we will still be reading our emails and all urgent issues will be dealt with priority.

Support schedule:
March 25: 09:00 hrs – 15:00 hrs EET
March 26: 09:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs EET
March 27: Closed
March 28: 09:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs EET

With best wishes,

Team QtipMe