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Traditional ticket support with qtip.me

Queuing is not new to mankind and it has evolved from a serpentine queue with people actually standing in line to a mobile based queuing systems like qtip.me. With the advent of smartphones and smart queuing methods, not every one has an equal opportunity as compared to the tech-savvy.

To solve this problem and have everyone an equal access to qtip.me’s resources and information, we are happy to announce the support of “Traditional Paper Tickets” for qtip.me. We call this the “In-Office Ticket Kiosk” which can be used by the end-users to have the same experience as normal paper ticket systems. We have just finished the RnD work related to the “In-Office kiosk” and are now working with our partners to get the first few market evaluation hardware prototypes.

This offering also allows us to provide a complete end-to-end solution for Customer Queuing and hence, enables qtip.me to replace any traditional queuing system with a better and economical cloud based service.

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