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Exciting new features in qtip.me

Introducing new features in qtip.me
Introducing new features in qtip.me

This autumn, we are proud to announce some exciting new features in qtip.me, that are tailored to enhance your interaction with your customers and improve their confidence in your brand and customer service!

Configurable Feedback

We have been listening to our customers and we know that it is critical for every business to know exactly how their customers feel about them. For this purpose, we added a unique feature to customize the feedback from standard 3 stars a small set of questions. Now you business and service points can add to-the-point and service specific questions to know exactly what their customers think about the service they just received.

NFC & QR Code support

Customers like to interact with different digital touch points. Surprise your customers with a hassle free “queuing and feedback” experience by using our brand new NFC & QR code plugins!

Improved support for traditional customers

We upgraded our paper In-office ticket kiosks with the latest hardware and new user-interface to provide a seamless and uniform queuing experience across all our applications. Our new “Announcement” and “Overhead” displays make sure that your customers never miss their turn!

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