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Qtip.Me helps increase your staff’s productivity

Customer satisfaction is just one side of the whole customer service story. The other equally important side is Staff satisfaction. Quite often, a traditional queue management system also leads to queue management overheads for the staff. This means that your employees are going to spend a considerable amount of time dealing with the customer traffic, making sure that the customers are sent to the right service desks, and trying to calm the frustrated customer. This is a lot of work already and leaves the staff with limited emotional resources to handle the customer service.

Qtip.Me takes queue management worries away from your staff helping them focus on what they are hired to do – provide quality customer service. The in-built tools give them access to the real time data, to know the customer and their needs beforehand. That is more work done with less efforts and in less time than earlier, creating a scope to serve more customers and giving them access to the bigger picture. This boosts their morale many fold and has a very positive effect on the whole customer service life-cycle.

The longer our system is used to manage queues, the better results it shows in improving the staff’s productivity, estimating waiting times, and improving the customer handling process. For example, the graph below shows the number of customers that were served per month by one of Sure telecom’s customer service stores during 2016.

Queuing statistics from Sure telecom, one of our customers in UK - which shows a gradual increase in number of served customers at one of their retail stores during 2016.

Sure telecom started to use Qtip.Me for managing queues at their selected stores during 2015. After a successful pilot, 2016 saw a roll out of our product at all of their stores. The numbers shown above are from their store in Guernsey. The number speak for themselves and it’s a remarkable increase of 30% in their staff’s efficiency.

Some of the key Qtip.Me features they use for managing their queues are: Customer identification, Pre-information, Configurable feedback, Appointments. We invite you to start your free trial today and make a positive impact on your customer service operations.

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