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Getting more customers to answer feedback requests

A customer feedback is a review of a product or service made by a customer who has purchased and used, or had experience with, the product or service.


Getting customer feedback is important for any business. It helps them develop an insight into their own operations and evolve based on customer’s response. One of the most important benefit a digital queue management system has over traditional systems is that it can trigger automated feedback requests to customers as soon as they have been served. Plus, it helps create KPIs, identify key NPS drivers, measure customer experiences based on various indicators, to name a few.

Qtip.Me takes customer feedback process very seriously and keeping both the roles in mind – as a person who queues for customer service, and as a business that wants feedback of the service they provide. That is why, we’ve kept our default feedback process simple – select one (Could be better), two (Pretty good) or three (Excellent) stars and press submit. This has helped us promote a quick feedback loop from customers, identify cause-and-effect based behaviors and possibility to act on them in real time.

Feedback screens from our application ui prototype. Actual screens may differ based on the platform and actual UI design and implementation.

This simple process has increased the customer’s willingness to provide an instant feedback of the customer service – because it takes a few clicks (or taps) and seconds to submit the feedback. It is also possible to customize the feedback request for every queue and include service specific questions that help a business to understand and reduce the gap between their customer’s expectations and the actual experience with the brand. The statistical data given below proves that our Simple feedback process has helped businesses get up-to 10% more responses to feedback requests.

Graph that shows the percentage of feedback responses received from customers during May - December 2018. This data was collected from a retail customer that is based in UK.

This data was collected from one of our retail customers who use Qtip.Me to manage queues at their store and shows the percentage of responses to the automated feedback requests that were sent out to customers as soon as they were served by the staff.

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