How can we help?

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How can we help?

Tell us how we can help you and your organization?

Hello there.

We have been thinking here during the past one and a half weeks, how we could help. We have especially been thinking how our application could be used to prevent risks of spreading the virus and help implementing the guidelines, when big gatherings need to be avoided. Here are some thoughts from our remote meetups.

Our application can help with reducing the risk of a lot of people gathering to the same place, since there is no need to be physically present at the location before one’s own turn.
Since the application runs on people’s own devices, there is no need to touch common surfaces, such as ticket machines. Real-time information given through the app already before joining the queue makes it easier to plan a visit for example to a compulsory service. Customers are invited remotely through a control panel that runs in cloud, and with notifications they can be used to control the number of customers at the same place. Information and instructions can be added to descriptions, and are visible before joining the queue.

How we could help, then? We have been running a trial period for maximum of 90 days for some time and we would be happy to extend this trial for upto 180 days. It is possible to customize the service and integrate it to your existing services like websites, mobile apps etc.

Even though none of us thought it would be because of a state of emergency, it might be you or anyone you know, who might find Qtip.Me / useful and would be very interested in getting started. All you need Comment on this post below or reach us on Twitter / Facebook.

Twitter: @codemenders / @qtip_me / @jonoon_fi

Facebook: @codemenders / @qtipmeapp /

Finnish version of this post can be read at:

Corona Virus Update

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Image that describes precautions for corona virus

Corona Virus Update


Due to safety and health concerns for the well being of our team and their families, we’ve all decided to start working remotely. Since all our services are hosted in the cloud, we can ensure the business continuity and high quality of all our Qtip.Me and services. At the same time, this also means that there might be delays in responding to our Customer Support. In case of urgent matters, I recommend you to directly contact us on – +358 (0) 45 7874 0512 via Telegram, WhatsApp or Phone.
We thank you for your constant support. To keep yourself updated about this situation and how we decide to tackle it, we recommend you to follow our blog or our social media handles (, For urgent cases, please call and for everything, feel free to reach us via email – OR

Hello, join the queue in Finland!

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we hope the year 2020 has started off well for you all., kutsu asiakkaasi jonoon. A picture of a green mobile ticket with the number seven in blue on it.  Below are Facebook and Twitter handles that are jonoon_fi.

We at Codemenders Oy have news of our app being established in Finland, and in Finnish.

The website will be officially up this week, so feel free to spread the word to those places where you’d like to skip queuing by joining the queue online.

To visit our website for Finnish version of, visit, and to follow up our stories about our app and queueing, which is pretty much a national sport around here, go to our blog at 

Nähdään blogin puolella! Voit seurata meitä myös Facebookissa ja Twitterissä.

See you around!



A new milestone reached …

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At Codemenders Oy, we offer two flavors of One is the standard “Software as a service” flavor (for anyone to register and start using at and other, the enterprise or corporate flavor (focusing more towards the on-premises needs of our corporate customers). It was a pleasant surprise to note that we’ve served more than a hundred thousand customers on the “Software as a service” flavor of We decided to shout about it in our holiday greetings this year. While we knew this was coming, we were just not sure that Santa will bring this gift for us so early.

Happy to announce that handled its 100,000th customer (consumer) on December 18th, 2017 and we are still counting. No wonder, the holiday season also brings in a lot more queues for our customers and we are happy to be a part of their efforts to make their customers happier!

Thank you!


Please note, the impact report (related to Customer Waiting Times and Staff productivity) are in comparison to similar numbers from 2015-2016 timeframe.

Happy 100th birthday, Finland

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Happy birthday, Finland

​Hundred years ago, Finland took fate in its own hands and declared independence. Exactly 100 years later to that, they have set an example of an ideal society and in various fields. It is definitely a story of determination, democracy, equality and an astounding national success! We at Codemenders Oy are proud to join the 100 year celebration of the Finnish independence​ and would like to take this opportunity to wish all Finns and Friends of Finland, a very happy Independence Day!​ Happy birthday, Finland!​​

Three pillars of the Customer Service Industry

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Customer service is the first line of interaction that any business has with the people who are already paying or are considering to pay them in near future. Irrespective of the size of the company, the lifespan of an existing customer or a to-be customer completely depends on their experience of the customer service provided by the business. Customers are the first channel of marketing that help any business glow and grow by the most trusted form of marketing, the word of mouth!

Anything you say may be used against you in the court of law. A similar paradigm exists in the so called “Court of a Consumer”. Anything you or your staff may do or say, will be held against you by the consumer. This is the reason why, a Quality Customer Service is very, very important for a business to establish themselves and build a reputation. At Codemenders Oy, we’ve been in touch with various businesses to help them tailor Qtip.Me for their use and this has helped us understand the Three Basic Pillars of a Quality Customer Service.

1. Reduced waiting time

When waiting in queues, customers are quick to form opinions related to the business. A queue is one such place where the entire customer service experience can be made or broken. This is the place where a business cannot leave a customer disappointed. After waiting in a queue for more than five minutes, a customers perceived waiting time changes to twice of the actual wait time. Many people abandon the queue if its not moving fast enough. While some of them do complain or raise their concerns, many leave with a perception that brands or businesses do not care about them.

Waiting time is the single most important factor in customer satisfaction.

– Paco Underhill. Why we buy.

2. Streamlined service

Today’s customers are smart, connected and demanding. They want businesses to operate on all possible channels, be efficient and provide a better quality service. This makes streamlining a customer service process and support a crucial part of an organization’s business strategy. A simple step towards this is to know a customer’s needs in advance. Even before they arrive to the service desk physically. This allows the staff to engage with customers in an informed (and efficient) way and gets rid of unwanted wait from the whole process.

3. Happy and pro-active staff

Queues are boring. They consume time, resources and often come with additional overheads like managing the agitated customers, attend to that cute little wailing kid with a toy or an activity of their choice, making sure that there is enough coffee for everybody, making sure that there is nothing you accidentally do that can be held against you and still be “happy to help” when a customer arrives at your desk. Its not an ideal world and we all understand that all these overheads do affect the staff on a regular basis, thereby also affects the business efficiency. It is very important for any business to explicitly focus on their customer service staff. This not only keeps their morale high when serving customers, it also creates a silent-yet-effective marketing channel for the business as a brand that takes very good care of its employees.

We, as a team are very happy that we have been able to deliver to our customers a product that has helped them strengthen these three pillars of customer service and has given to them tangible results like upto 50% reduction in waiting times, 30-35% improvement in staff’s efficiency and a streamlined customer service.

What’s cooking in 2017

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The year 2016 was an interesting year for us at Codemenders Oy. We focused ourselves on the Finnish, UK market. Got to learn a lot about consumer behavior (I promise to find some time to write a post about this). Improved our understanding of what our customers want and grew as a team. Thank You!

In 2017, we aim to improve Qtip.Me as a product and bring in the most sought features by our customers. Some of them are:

  1. Improved statistics: An improve UI and representation of “Customer Feedback” module.
  2. Busy hour predictions: Predict the busy and not-so-busy hours at your store based on the history from the past.
  3. Time and ticket distributions: Get to know what is the balance of number of customers handled in a queue vs the time spent by the staff in the same queue.
  4. Queue monitoring: Create queue monitors that help you analyse the customer service experience in real time and raise alarms if needed.

I plan to a more detailed post about these items a bit later, but right now, this is a sneak-peek into whats cooking in 2017. I will also take this moment to thank our customers who responded to our “Listening to you” survey; which has helped us prioritize the recipe for a better in 2017.