Limited email support during Easter

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Cloud service update

Limited support during Easter holidays

Please note, our email support has limited service during Easter holidays. All support queries received during this time will be attended after the holidays. This means that our response time would be longer than expected. Don’t worry, we will still be reading our emails and all urgent issues will be dealt with priority.

Support schedule:
March 25: 09:00 hrs – 15:00 hrs EET
March 26: 09:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs EET
March 27: Closed
March 28: 09:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs EET

With best wishes,

Team QtipMe

Exciting new features in

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Introducing new features in

Introducing new features in

This autumn, we are proud to announce some exciting new features in, that are tailored to enhance your interaction with your customers and improve their confidence in your brand and customer service!

Configurable Feedback

We have been listening to our customers and we know that it is critical for every business to know exactly how their customers feel about them. For this purpose, we added a unique feature to customize the feedback from standard 3 stars a small set of questions. Now you business and service points can add to-the-point and service specific questions to know exactly what their customers think about the service they just received.

NFC & QR Code support

Customers like to interact with different digital touch points. Surprise your customers with a hassle free “queuing and feedback” experience by using our brand new NFC & QR code plugins!

Improved support for traditional customers

We upgraded our paper In-office ticket kiosks with the latest hardware and new user-interface to provide a seamless and uniform queuing experience across all our applications. Our new “Announcement” and “Overhead” displays make sure that your customers never miss their turn!

First public demo in hometown Tampere

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The City of Tampere has always been special to and Codemenders Oy. Being the home town of Codemenders Oy and all its co-founders, we were very proud to be a part of the “Tampere City Day” (Tampereenpaiva) celebrations and display as one of the emerging Digital Customer Flow Management solutions for the City of Tampere. We did our first public demo in Tampere at the Public Transport Office. We’ve received some excellent feedback and improvement ideas from people using the system for queuing and we are exciting to announce that we will be working on the top 3 ideas soon!

Traditional ticket support with

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Queuing is not new to mankind and it has evolved from a serpentine queue with people actually standing in line to a mobile based queuing systems like With the advent of smartphones and smart queuing methods, not every one has an equal opportunity as compared to the tech-savvy.

To solve this problem and have everyone an equal access to’s resources and information, we are happy to announce the support of “Traditional Paper Tickets” for We call this the “In-Office Ticket Kiosk” which can be used by the end-users to have the same experience as normal paper ticket systems. We have just finished the RnD work related to the “In-Office kiosk” and are now working with our partners to get the first few market evaluation hardware prototypes.

This offering also allows us to provide a complete end-to-end solution for Customer Queuing and hence, enables to replace any traditional queuing system with a better and economical cloud based service.

Arctic15 pilot

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Arctic15:Exit Path is a two day conference, aimed at generating value and getting partnerships started and deals closed. Everything is designed to help you learn, discover, network and to get real return on your investment – your time, your tickets or demo stands.

— Excerpts from the website of Arctic15: Exit Path

We are proud to announce that was the official queuing partner for “Meet the Speakers” event at Arctic15.

People really liked the idea of getting a chance to meet the eminent speakers like

  • Trip Hawkins (Founder of Electronic Arts, Digital Chocolate)
  • Justin Waldron (Co-founder @ Zynga, Angel Investor)
  • Rami Ismail (Co-Founder @ Vlambeer, Indie Game Studio)
  • Timo Ahopelto (Partner @ Lifeline Ventures, Founder CEO of CRF Health)
  • Ilona Lundström (Executive Director @ Tekes)
  • Miki Kuusi (Main Organizer @ Slush) and many others one-on-one in during the event.

All the queuing for this purpose was facilitated by

We were able to successfully arrange 150+ One-On-One meetings with the speakers, 100+ of which were arranged using the mobile client available for various platforms. We are very happy and proud to say that our system works as it is expected to and it did not let us down at any scenario.

Involving with people at such a large scale gave us a very good insight of our product. We also managed to get valuable feedback from people and they will be acted upon.

“Yes, we will add SMS notifications to the platform too”.